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    making whimsical surf-pop may seem like a daunting task when you live states away from the nearest beach, but guitarist / vocalist jared corder was determined to make the music reminiscent of his california birthplace. The band was always intended to be a 3-piece: jared on guitar and vocals, andy herrin on drums, with dreamy harmony vocals reminiscent of 1960s west coast beach pop. while initially working with producer, gregory lattimer [albert hammond jr., kink ador, the gills, the grayces], it was lattimer who suggested that corder’s wife (kristyn) sing in the band. she soon became the missing member. the trio once described by the nashville scene as (“dick dale’s snot-nosed grandkids”) tracked with lattimer in their hometown (east nashville, tn) in late 2012. the band's first single “12345678” was released in march 2013, two weeks early - after getting out to local media and began receiving airplay on indie rock station, lightning 100. their debut full-length album "bad latitude" was released in march 2014, and the release their second full-length album, "floral canyon" is due in 2015.
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    by Josh Lyons

    by Josh Lyon

    *repeat repeat at green lantern july 2014

    *repeat repeat, by Amber Davis for Do615

    photo by Amber Davis

    editedforweb1 Repeat-4159 eeeek2 repeatdickdale-1762 Repeat-4210_cutouts!_chevron_blackwhiteMINT   repeat38


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    *repeat repeat_website_press header photo press kit repeatrepeat_press_NoCountryForNewNashville_July 1, 2013_show review copy repeatrepeat_press_lockeland springsteen repeatrepeat_underground spring 2013 repeatrepeat_VENN REVIEW_press repeatrepeat_press_nashville scene DICK DALE_critics pick repeatrepeat_press_we own this town repeatrepeat_press_the deli_debut review repeatrepeat_press_nashville noobsauce_mayhem review_Mar2013 repeatrepeat_nashville cream repeatrepeat_Music City Mayhem 2013 playlist repeatrepeat_leaked press_nashville cream_12345678
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